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Conditions of use

Unless the opposite indicates itself specifically, the access to the services offered by PEBER S.L. is gratuitous, although it can be necessary, by questions of security and protection of data or simply by the characteristics of the service, the previous registry. In the services in which the user must register itself and an access with a password is facilitated to him, the user will be the unique person in charge to maintain it in private.


By the mere use of the services offered by PEBER S.L., the user indicates his acceptance without reserves of the present general conditions and accepts the restrictions of use of the services that can be imposed at the time.


Especially the copy and distribution of material protected by copyright or author rights are prohibited, the shipment of electronic mails not asked for (well-known like mail Spam) or any type of similar communication, the extraction of personal data or another type of information or software of our computer science systems and generally any other activity that is opposite to the law, considering that PEBER S.L. is in force by the Spanish laws. In the case of detecting to some user realising these prohibited activities, PEBER S.L. is free to take measures such as to prevent the access to the violator and to cancel their accounts of user (including pending payments there were if them), and according to the gravity to alert to the competent authorities or even to undertake legal actions for the compensation of the caused damage.


PEBER S.L. will not be responsible for the failures that could take place in the communications, including the erasure, incomplete transmission or delays in the remission, not committing itself either to that the communications net is operative at any moment. It could not either be responsible in case a third party, breaking the safety measures established by PEBER S.L., accedes to the messages, places virus computer science or produces any other type of damage in the computer science system that can repel in its users. PEBER S.L. has adopted a Policy of protection of personal character data, including the registry of the same in the Agency of Protection of Data, but it cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerabilidad of his security systems, nor can guarantee the security or immunity of these data in his transmission through the network. Although it does not put all efforts in it, PEBER S.L. cannot guarantee the licitud, reliability and utility of the contents and services, as well as either his veracity or exactitude.


PEBER S.L. does not control nor guarantees the computer science absence of virus in served by third parties that can produce alterations in their computer science system (software and hardware) or in stored documents and electronic files in their computer science system. PEBER S.L. offers a considerable amount of connections to other pages Web as complement to their informative supply and of services. Despite it cannot become responsible for the information, products or services that can be found in the Internet addresses which they are not directly property of PEBER S.L. 


PEBER S.L. lacks controlling the use that the users do of the site, and therefore does not guarantee that they do of form according to the present general conditions, although it will take the necessary measures in case of discovering these illegal activities, between which would appear the interruption of the service offered to the violator.


PEBER S.L. reserves the right to stop lending anyone of their services, being enough it to half communicate it through same with an advance warning of fifteen days. Reserve, also, the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without previous warning, the presentation and conditions of the service, as well as the services and the conditions required for its use. PEBER S.L.podrá, at any time, to modify the present general conditions or to introduce new conditions of use, including the cease of the gratuity, with nonretroactive character.


The user accepts that the personal data by him facilitated or that are facilitated the future in to PEBER S.L. can be object of treatment in a file of personal character data, according to his Policy of protection of personal character data. The user, with express resignation to his own law, accepts as governing legislation of the present conditions the Spanish and is put under for the resolution of whichever litigations could derive from the same to the Courts of Barcelona.